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Thank you for interest in investing your time, talent, and effort into Showcase IDX.

Our small, tight-knit team is starting to grow rapidly and we're looking for people who want to meaningfully contribute to some really interesting, possibly career-defining, projects. We're looking to build the next generation of home search tools for people to efficiently find and buy a home online. We have the vision, experience, and resources to make this happen. We just need the right people to help us get there. 

We're looking for thinkers... people who know when and how to make the best decision possible in any given circumstance. We're looking to people who thrive when given the freedom to think differently, experiment, and take good risks. We're looking for people who like people, are easy to get along with and think like we do that drama is avoidable when we're honest, empathetic, and tackle problems early. 

Our culture is our people, and it's represented by the standards and ethics that we hold ourselves to. In our team's culture we do the right thing by our people, customers, and partners, always. Life's too short to screw someone over. We treat each other how we'd like to be treated. We're laid back with each other, but we're keenly focused on being productive and delivering solutions that exceed expectations. We like to surprise people in good ways.

We understand that a diverse team is a strong team. We strongly encourage anyone who has the ability to fill one of our roles and thrive, to apply. We don't discriminate on any grounds, we just care whether you can do an awesome job, grow with the team, and excel in our culture... or not.

We typically move as fast as we can through the hiring process if you're a good fit, and this might mean talking to a few people and a number of rounds of interviews... but nothing ridiculous. It needs to be good fit both ways, for us and for you.

If you're applying for a technical or engineering role, there will be some tests. Just enough for us to know that you know what you say you know. You know what we mean. We want to give you the opportunity to blow our minds and let your code do some talking.

If this sounds like a group of people you'd like to work alongside (remotely) and work that you'd find rewarding, we'd love to get your application and see if there's a fit.

If you want to learn more about Showcase IDX (you're maybe wondering what IDX means) you can get more about us at

- Scott (ceo)